Stepping of your marquee to the next level

written on Mon 05 September 2016 by

Every wedding reception venue mostly varies in different style and themes, but decorating some marquee can be really a tough job. Marquees can look a bit flat and empty but until the tables are set, the pros and the flowers are in already in their particular position and your wedding invited guest are already present with their lovely dresses and suits. So here are some helpful tips in stepping up your marquee to the next level. If you want a marquee hire then better check this site Essex marquee rentals.

Planning and implementing a marquees can be a really tough and be quite high, so think about making a new drama and height with your decoration especially with your table so that it can project the illusion of having a lower ceiling. Combining the low and high arrangements to put up some interest and keeping the taller display looks thin so the invited guest can still communicate to people who are across the table. Also be aware with your hanging decorations that are from your ceilings, which can also help drawing the eyes upward with your guests. It is very ideal to add some floral above your ceiling for a perfect summer celebration.

Do not ever forget having some good floors. In most cases, marquees comes in with a decorating floor, some of it does not. It may depends seasonally, having a grass floor can really help to add some texture with your venue. If the weather is a bit cold, then a perfect thing you could have with your floor is a carpet, it can add and lighten up color and make your venue or reception space feel luxurious and warmer. Having also a white and black floor can really work well if you are looking for a dramatic look.

It is very important to marquees a first impression to your guest that gives them a warm welcome. You could add some lighting flares near in your entrance that leads to your marquee will really create a special and good warming welcome to your guest. Also having some lanterns can also create a pathways guide starting from your marquee to the other parts of your venue or even the car parks. It is also ideal to add some soft lights outside so that your guest can enjoy some fresh air, you could just place some tea light in a jar and hang them from anything that you could hang it.

It is really important also that adding some lighting in the venue. Having a good lighting can really create a good atmosphere that your guests could really enjoy and also give them reasons to stay longer in your party. It could also turnout a very romantic ambiance in the venue.

Stepping up your marquee to the next level can be really complex and tough job if you do not know what you are doing. Do not hesitate to ask some help from the experts or your family to guide you along the way.