How to Plan an Event Like a Pro

written on Wed 23 March 2016 by

Planning for an event can be really overwhelming. It can be really stressful at times. However, you should be able to have a stress free event planning process, if you follow certain rules. If you are planning an event and you want it to be smooth sailing, then here are some of the important tips from professionals at to take note of.


First of all, you have to set a sufficient budget and stick right to it. The actual event that you are planning can be really expensive. The closer you get to the date of the event, the more things you want to add to the master list. These are things that may not have been originally included in the budget. Avoid the temptation. Create a budget and stick right to it.


Consider creating a timeline as well. The timeline is actually the most important part of event planning. You should develop a timeline that is reasonable enough. It should fit right to your schedule. Moreover, do not forget to map out the due dates on your calendar. You must have ample time for the planning as well as placing orders.


There are numerous event tools that are the right fit for you. You must know that an event planner like has these tools and treat them as your best friend. Event apps that has checklists, reminders, and budgets should be the perfect choice. There are even go-to event planning apps that can work perfectly find for the work you have in mind.


When it comes to event planning, you have to choose the most important details. Figure out which of the details you have entered in the budget as well as in the timeline are the most important. It might be necessary for you to create a list of what these important details are. Inclusive to this list will be the venue selection, date, theme, guest list, and so much more.


Designing is a part of the event planning. You should make sure that you design with quality in mind. There should be a number of design resources that you can take advantage of for designing your event. If there is someone you know who is good at designing, then you better not hesitate in asking them for their assistance in designing invitations, programs, signs, and even save-the-date cards.


Be as diligent as you can when hiring the vendors. You must look for the right vendors who can provide you with the appropriate services you need for the event you are planning. Be sure to have their contact information. Also, do not focus on finding just one vendor but prepare a back-up too. The list of vendors will include the food and beverage caterers, lighting and d├ęcor companies, photo booth companies, DJ, and flower shops.


Be prepared for the unexpected. Regardless of how meticulous you planned the event, there will be one thing that will go wrong in the actual day. Even professionals at will experience that. As a rule of thumb, professionals will anticipate what might go wrong and prepare backup plans.