Dog Breeds List for Pet Owners

written on Mon 05 September 2016 by

If you wish to become a pet owner, you need to know what type of breed you have. Animals, even if they belong to the same type, have various differences and they require appropriate care for each type. Also, you might want to look for to make sure your pets are in good condition. If you are looking for a pet dog to keep, here are some choices you might want to consider:

Affenpinscher – These furry pups might look small, but they are known to be loyal, funny, and curious most of the time. Despite their short size, these dogs can be very fearless. You should not worry, however, because they still look cute even if they are angry.

Afghan hound – These breeds are known for their charm to people. Whenever you see them looking aloof, it does not mean they are naturally reserved—it is just that these hounds are very independent compared to others.

Airedale Terrier – These dogs are considered clever and confident, but very friendly to people. Many are also amazed by these breeds bravery. If you knew John “Duke” Wayne, the famous Hollywood actor, owned an Airedale Terrier and he named him Duke. Airedales may be easy to groom but its coat requires regular brushing. Although you can do it yourself, but you might need a professional pet sitter Hertfordshire to keep them maintained. 

Alaskan Malamute – These dogs are very affectionate most of the time, very playful, and like many other dogs, Alaskan Malamutes are very loyal. They almost look like wolves but much more adorable looking. Mals are considered to be the oldest type of dogs who carries artic sledges.

American English Coonhound – Despite being considered as a hunting dog, these dogs can be very sweet and warm with people. They love to be around and most of the time very sociable. If you like outdoor activities, American English Coonhounds can be your best buddy out there as these dogs known for their endurance and fast speed.

Azawakh – It is an African sighthound which has been accompanying Saharan desert nomads for hundreds of years.  This tall and leggy, but elegant and fit looking hound presents a mixture of fidelity and independence.

Australian Shepherd – Not to be confused with the huge German shepherd, Australian shepherd or Aussies are small but very smart dogs. You will find them very active like their stamina does not wear off throughout the day. Aussies are known for having intelligent instincts and strong herding characteristics.

Barbet – Small, but very friendly and fun loving are some of the characteristics of Barbet. The king of France, Henry IV had barbets in his care. Barbets are very adorable and cute; this is the reason why many people love to be their company.

Keeping a pet in a house can be a very great experience for new owners. Make sure they are properly groomed at all times. Try searching for or  for better pet care options.