Why is it Difficult to Hire Security Guards in London?

written on Mon 20 March 2017 by

London is a large city, and even with its current size it still continues to grow faster than any startup city elsewhere. The growth of London is widely influenced by the working culture of the job seekers in the area. The availability of competent workforce and an excellent talent pool became a catalyst for business to open and expand in London. Commerce in London has been agile in the past few years. This agility is credited to the increasing quality of education and the developing competencies of job seekers.

Among the many openings in London and the many job vacancies that need to be filled in the most demanding and competitive would be hiring security guards. You might think CEOs are the most in demand positions in the UK that would lead every company to kill and do everything just too valuable pirate talent. The truth is, security guards are much harder to find because like a limited edition perfume they sell out fast. Here some of the reasons why hiring security guards in London is such a huge challenge.

Huge Demand

When companies and business grow their security applications also increase. The number of companies in London who have high-security needs has increased in the past decade. This means the need to fill in those security gaps with capable personnel has also increased. A larger demand means you need to compete for talent acquisition with hundreds of other employers looking to do the same thing that you want to do.

Limited Supply

Because of the demand whenever a qualified talent enters the job-seeking market they get hired almost immediately. If you just wait for applicants to hit on your advertisement, it may take you a long time before you get to interview one. By then you would have already had security issues and probably at the brink of closure.

Employers have Partnered with Training Centers

Since it 's hard to get applicants from the job pool, why not hire them even when they are not yet qualified but have them go through the required training. As the competition tightens employers become more desperate in hiring qualified applicants, to the point of sponsoring their training to make them qualified for the job. Most employers also have agreements with training agencies who will supply them the necessary workforce for a commission. Training centers and hiring organizations such as centurionguards.co.uk have been working with the UK job market to support the need for qualified security guards.

Skill Requirement has gone up

Being a security guard these days requires an applicant to be trained to a certain level. They need to be equipped with the right skill to respond to an emergency, to identify a potential security threat even before it happens and to have expert problem solving and decision-making skills even when subjected to very stressful situations. Throughout that process, they also must maintain composure and poise, so they contribute to the efficient branding of the assets they are trying to protect.