Centrepieces of The Reception: Wedding Cakes

written on Thu 29 September 2016 by

The wedding cake is indeed the centrepiece of the wedding reception. If you haven’t attended a wedding lately, you may not realise how popular the wedding cake has become! If possible, provide your guests with a 360 degree view of the cake and the cutting. Your guests will want to view the wedding cake prior to seating themselves at the wedding reception. Additionally when the time comes for cake cutting your guests will want to seek out a prime spot for viewing and to take photos of this exciting part of your day. Be sure to display your cake beautifully and in a prominent, well-decorated location at your reception site.

Wedding planning companies such as ukawp.com can offer advice to you about your cake and icing styles. The traditional wedding cake was always a three tiered, elaborately decorated white cake with white butter cream icing. Strict traditions are more relaxed these days, resulting in a wide variety of cake styles, shapes, colours and flavours. Your options are really now limitless. You envision it and it can be created. Everything from naked cakes to multi-flavoured tiers and even Krispy Kreme doughnut tower cakes!

  • Tiers: You can have each of your cake tiers displayed one on top of the other, but you can also have them displayed separately on your cake table, on elevated cake plates on a variety of heights. Some elevated cake plates are available in a fixed arrangement, whil others are available individually so you can organise them however you like.
  • Flavours: Each layer of your cake can have a different flavour cake and filing without changing the exterior appearance of the cake. These varied internal cakes have become so popular now what with wedding guests wanting a piece of cake flavouring they prefer and not what they get given.
  • Icing: It may come as a shock, but your choice of icing is a very important one. Be sure to choose the right icing for the right setting. Some icings hold up really well in heat but others require refrigeration until just before serving which means your cake won’t be able to be on display early in the day.
  • Shape: Round cakes have been the norm for many years and square cakes have become ever more popular in recent years. Even octagonal wedding cakes have become quite popular! Your baker may place coloured ribbon around each tier of your cake to reflect your colour scheme. Some people prefer the option of one tier to cut, and individual cupcakes instead of the traditional stacked tiered cake.

Don’t forget to decorate your cake table. A plain tablecloth is fine but a well decorated cake table with a specialised table cloth or flowers will really make the beautiful presentation of the wedding cake complete. It is only a single table, if you splurge on decorative linens and special flowers nowhere else at the wedding, please think about doing so for your cake!