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How To Make Your Events Catering More Competitive?

If you are running a business, you always find time to improve and make this grow. You should always find ways to compete. You always make sure that your employees and customers are satisfied with your company and with your products and services. As people are the important thing in the business. It is the way you handle the people that will make your employees and customers be loyal to you.

Other businesses compete in different ways. If you are into mobile catering services the products you offer are just the same – food. So you need to find unique ways on how to be on top of your competitors and excel in your kind of business. Below are the ways on how to play in this kind of business and be more competitive.

  1. Reach out to your customers. As some customers would always like to ask for great ideas. Some do not have any ideas on how to start with. You need to present a beautiful set of menu for a certain kind of event. It should go with the taste of the customers. You can also do a mix and match of you menu in order to allow your customers the freedom to choose. DO have a lot of food to choose from and different  kinds of cuisines.
  2. You can also add on some securities for your customers in order to let them feel they are special.
  3. Time is important to customers and you should always give a good impression. Arrive at an earlier time every meeting . As you still need to set up everything in the event .
  4. Do excel in the different food elements in this business.  As they are the most important part of this business. They do know all the kinds of ingredients and they should k now the different methods of cooking. There are customers that would like to have different  cooking styles and be sure your chef knows this. It is always an edge to your business if you do have a lot of choices to give your customers.
  5. Do also impress your customers with the kind of food setting you have Not only that but the kind of equipment’s you have that you can provide them with. Do make sure everything is in good condition and you do have the complete supplies to serve them.
  6. Good service among your employees is what the customers would look into aside from the food and events preparation. Good and well-mannered employees and staff are important to meet and greet your guests .

Events catering are already everywhere. They can be found in internet , medias and magazines. One thing you need to do in order to continuously have customers is to compete. Make sure your customers are always your number one concern. Make them feel they are special in every aspect of your business. Because if you do not have these customers and employees then for sure your business will never exist without them. If you want to know more about events catering do check out



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Planning for your Big Day: Which Event Organizing Company Should You Choose

Are you already stressing out because you still don’t know which event organizing company will you choose for your big day? Don’t be. The reason why there are event organizing managers because they will handle the stress for you, you need to relax; you need to rest and prepare for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for your big day. For your needs on your big day, you can visit this website

Now in choosing the right company for your big day is to determine first if the type of wedding are you going to have, the theme, and your budget or how much you are going to pay just to fulfill your satisfaction in order to achieve the wedding of your dreams. The most ideal to meet the people who will organize your big day is at least 2 weeks before your wedding day, in that way if there will be an out of nowhere commotion within the organizing period, there will still be enough time to fix it or find a solution for it.  For your events needs on your big day, you can visit

After which, the things that you need to consider in getting the right event organizing company is to check everything, if possible. Check about the background of the company like how long have they been in the event organizing business, or how were the reviews from their previous and current list of clients, how did their previous events look like, and also even the list of employees that will be participating during your wedding day, their suppliers and as well as the vendors that they tied up with. These things are important especially if you are in a tight budget and you chose a not so popular event organizing company that’s why you need to know everything about them if possible since it is your wedding day, there should be no room for major mistakes. So as I have said, check about their experience, aside from asking how long they have already been in the business, it would also help if you will ask for pictures or videos or documentation that will show you how did their previous events looked like, and from there you can tell if the company you chose will be able to live up to your expectations on your wedding day. Then about the list of their staffs, vendors and suppliers, the reason why you need to check on it as well is because you need to know about the quality of their product or services and the same thing with their supplier.

However, if the event organizing company you chose is already a stable and established company then go right ahead and discuss what you want to happen on during your big day. Now in communicating with the people who will be organizing your big day, you should be able to communicate clearly with them and do not assume things because that is where unpleasant surprises comes in and that is the least thing that you want to happen. Now also you wanted your big day to be recorder to capture such great moments, you can ask your event manager how you want the audio and visual would like to go or if you want to know have it separate aside from the event company you hired, you can just search for it . For example, audio visual services in Scotland.


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Top Tips for Wedding Venue Dressing

A couple that is scheduled to get married sometime soon will have to rely on a wedding planner for a stress-free event planning. However, that does not mean that they are the only ones who the couple will be dealing with. In fact, the couple will also have to make sure to look for a company that offers wedding decoration rental.


There are a lot of such companies in existence nowadays. All you have to do is find the most reputable one out of the lot so that you can get the best wedding venue dressing possible. You have to find the one that you can pay off as well if you do not want to be in debt even before you start your wedding life. Be as meticulous as you can in choosing the wedding venue dressing company.


If you are thinking of hiring the best venue dresser in town, then you have to take advantage of several tips for that. These are the tips that will make the most out of your rental. Here are the valuable tips that should be taken into consideration when you are interested in getting the services and products of a wedding decoration rental company such as


The first thing that you will have to consider is consultation. You need to have a talk with the venue dresser regarding the venue so that you can ensure you two are on the same page when it comes to the vision you have for the wedding day. It will be too late if a set-up error happens on the actual date. Rectifying the problem might even end up ruining your entire program.


Take note of the chair covers. You must make sure to try on all the chair covers you are offered with by the wedding decoration company like the If you do that, then you can figure out whether or not the chair covers fit the chair you have at the venue. It will also allow you to determine whether or not the said chair cover fits with what you want to have in your wedding day.


Aside from the chair covers, you also have to take advantage of the centerpieces. There should be mock-ups available for you to check so that you will know what exactly you will be getting for your wedding date. A good wedding decoration rental company will allow you to check. They will also offer mock-ups according to what event you plan to use it for. Some mock-ups may be in real life but there are others that are in photos.


Choose an intelligent design. Designing the venue will depend on what theme you have for the business. It should be easier for you to find what you will be renting if you already have a design in mind. Also, you can make adjustments accordingly.


The design and décor you choose must make for a comfortable atmosphere. Maintain this as your main focus. After all, you will need to keep your guests comfortable. That is important for the wedding event, after all.

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7 Essential Tips for Hiring a Wedding DJ

Entertainment and music are two of the essential elements that will make your wedding reception perfect. If you get it right, then you can make the wedding a great success. It might be a difficult thing for you to decide which wedding DJ to hire since there are numerous entertainers, bands, and DJs available. Here are some of the things that you might want to consider when you plan to hire a wedding DJ for your upcoming wedding ceremony.


Tip #1: Before you go looking for your chosen wedding DJ, you better know what you really wish to have in terms of music. This is a crucial detail so that you can eliminate those DJs that does not fit your requirement. If you want a classic music repertoire, then you have to find the ones who can relate to the music you want to play. You will not be disappointed with what will be played during the reception.


Tip #2: Ask for several references. The DJ who can please a client will be more than willing to give you the contact details of the satisfied customers he or she has served in the past. These satisfied customers will also be more than happy to become a source of information for you. Do not hesitate to ask for these references for your selection then.


Tip #3: Always meet the DJ you plan to hire in person. This is oftentimes required when you have already narrowed down the list to no more than four prospective DJs. You have to meet each one of them in person so that you can check out their general appearance and personality. This is something you will not be able to easily do over the web or the phone.


Tip #4: Discuss the wedding song play list with the DJ. Look for the ones who are flexible. By letting the DJ know more about your intentions or what approach you want to take, then it should be easier for you to decide who you will be hiring. Go over what your preferences are for the songs to be played in the event in great detail with the chosen DJ.


Tip #5: Make sure that the DJ has music that is up-to-date. Most of the DJs from are proactive in keeping their music up-to-date. After all, that is what allows them to accommodate the needs of their clients flexibly. Songs are released monthly to weekly basis so it is highly recommended to find a DJ that has an updated playlist.


Tip #6: Ask this DJ about his or her professional status. You should never be hesitant in asking the DJ for his or her credentials. A good DJ will have different credentials, like the ADJA. The best DJ should have a valid proof of membership confirming this status.


Tip  #7: Looking for a DJ to perform the emcee duties should be a good idea. There are DJs who only play music, especially those who are non-professional ones. It would be great for you to find a DJ who can make announcements, introductions, and the likes.

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How to Plan an Event Like a Pro

Planning for an event can be really overwhelming. It can be really stressful at times. However, you should be able to have a stress free event planning process, if you follow certain rules. If you are planning an event and you want it to be smooth sailing, then here are some of the important tips from professionals at to take note of.


First of all, you have to set a sufficient budget and stick right to it. The actual event that you are planning can be really expensive. The closer you get to the date of the event, the more things you want to add to the master list. These are things that may not have been originally included in the budget. Avoid the temptation. Create a budget and stick right to it.


Consider creating a timeline as well. The timeline is actually the most important part of event planning. You should develop a timeline that is reasonable enough. It should fit right to your schedule. Moreover, do not forget to map out the due dates on your calendar. You must have ample time for the planning as well as placing orders.


There are numerous event tools that are the right fit for you. You must know that an event planner like has these tools and treat them as your best friend. Event apps that has checklists, reminders, and budgets should be the perfect choice. There are even go-to event planning apps that can work perfectly find for the work you have in mind.


When it comes to event planning, you have to choose the most important details. Figure out which of the details you have entered in the budget as well as in the timeline are the most important. It might be necessary for you to create a list of what these important details are. Inclusive to this list will be the venue selection, date, theme, guest list, and so much more.


Designing is a part of the event planning. You should make sure that you design with quality in mind. There should be a number of design resources that you can take advantage of for designing your event. If there is someone you know who is good at designing, then you better not hesitate in asking them for their assistance in designing invitations, programs, signs, and even save-the-date cards.


Be as diligent as you can when hiring the vendors. You must look for the right vendors who can provide you with the appropriate services you need for the event you are planning. Be sure to have their contact information. Also, do not focus on finding just one vendor but prepare a back-up too. The list of vendors will include the food and beverage caterers, lighting and décor companies, photo booth companies, DJ, and flower shops.


Be prepared for the unexpected. Regardless of how meticulous you planned the event, there will be one thing that will go wrong in the actual day. Even professionals at will experience that. As a rule of thumb, professionals will anticipate what might go wrong and prepare backup plans.